2020 Election Update

At the January 14th Annual Meeting of the PVHA is was announced that there were 1864 valid ballots received or 34.4% of the properties, therefore short of the quorum requirement of 35% quorum requirement established by the court settlement and clearly short of the 50% quorum in the PVHA Bylaws. . The measure to reduce the quorum to 35% passed 1229 to 534. Without a quorum no business could be conduced and the Board adjourned until the regular Board Meeting on January 28th.
At the January 28th Board Meeting it was announced that, in the absence of a quorum, the current Board would stay in place. It was then announced that Carol Swets had resigned and then President Dale Hoffman announced his resignation. Current Board members are Marlene Breene, Richard Fay and Charles Tang. For information purposes the recent vote was announced as:
John Harbison 1254
Marlene Breene 1222
Ried Schott 1209
Gayne Brennerman 1087
Richard Fay 1047
Charles Tang 963
At the February 25th Board meeting the current Board will decide on a process for filling the vacant Board seats.