2020 Election Update

The 2020 election vote count was 34.4%, which was short of the 35% quorum by 20 votes. Over 200 ballots were received either late, unsigned or with other irregularities which eliminated them from the count. Please refer to PVHA Resolution 177 and PVHA Resolution 179 for the adopted election procedures. Additionally, the election was managed by the Merriman River Group to assure an impartial process and accurate count.

The January meeting was adjourned and election actions moved to the February meeting. 
The three remaining directors constituted a quorum and have authority to continue with board business. Several motions were made in attempts to seat a full board with five directors. Counting the unsigned and late ballots did not receive a second as it did not follow the adopted election procedure. Appointing the top five vote getters also did not receive a second. A motion to seat only the remaining directors also failed. When presented with a motion to fill the two open positions from the candidate slate, John Harbison, Gayne Brennerman and Ried Schott withdrew their names, leaving the board with limited options. A motion to seat the remaining three directors then passed.

The next motion to appoint an Election Committee  also passed and members were asked to contact PVHA if they would be interested in participating. PVHA acknowledges that the election process needs further improvement, and advisement from this committee will be a key piece in the 2021 election. We are pleased that the 35% quorum passed and thank everyone who worked to support this important change.