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5.6.20 Appointments Now Available for Limited Services

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The Palos Verdes Homes Association understands the need for Homeowners, Architects, Contractors and other industry professionals to have access to the archival depository of construction documents and historical records for every property in Palos Verdes Estates and Miraleste. Of greater importance is protecting every person’s health and safety during the global pandemic. To do both requires a controlled procedure to mitigate the inherent risk.

Beginning Wednesday May 6, 2020, the Palos Verdes Homes Association office will be transitioning to a limited ‘appointment only’ basis to:

  • Allow one project representative at a time the opportunity to review and/or trace existing architectural drawings to facilitate the advancement of their project.
  • Allow Homeowner to sign a plan release authorizing printers to produce copies of existing plans (validation of ownership is required – copy of the title or deed and valid driver’s license).  If homeowner is remote, please call PVHA for options.

All other services will follow the current procedures (updated April 8, 2020) by email and through the pick-up/drop-off bins until further notice or as we see fit.

Each representative must comply with all of the following mandatory criteria.  There will be no exceptions.

Appointment hours: 9:00am – Noon and 1:30pm – 4:00pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  We will remain closed on Tuesdays.

Duration of Appointments:   30 minutes up to maximum of 60 minutes. Scheduled at :00 and :30 of the hour. Appt. times will be strictly observed – plan accordingly – no overlapping

Making your appointment:   APPOINTMENTS BY PHONE ONLY – 310 373 6721

You will be asked to provide the following information:

Your name – Phone number – Relationship to project – Address of project you wish to view – Reason for appointment – Address of other properties you wish to view – Plans will be ready for you when your appointment begins

What you will need:   A face mask that covers your nose and mouth must be worn at all times

You shall maintain social distancing guidelines

You shall bring your own tools and materials required to perform your task

IMPORTANT!  In the last 6 weeks, if you have had exposure to a person who has tested positive for the virus, or if you have exhibited any symptoms generally associated with the common cold, flu or coronavirus, then please stay at home and focus on getting better.  Do not put anyone at risk.

Thank you.

PVHA Staff