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Welcome New Board Members

Kay Cooperman Jue, Secretary & Stephen O’Neil, Treasurer 

Please see the September 22, 2021 Board agenda for more details. 

ART JURY SCHEDULE:                                  

Every Tuesday reviews for minor projects – Applications should be submitted by Noon of the preceding Monday                                

Full Art Jury reviews for major projects – 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month – Applications should be submitted by the preceding Thursday and should include paper and electronic copies                

In 1923, the Palos Verdes Project set out to create an ideal garden community where “every possible protection has been established, to make sure that the neighborhoods in Palos Verdes can never be spoiled.” Those protections were documented in numbered Declarations of Establishment of Local Protective Restrictions, Covenants and Conditions (otherwise known as C, C & R’s or Deed Restrictions) covering every property in the city of Palos Verdes Estates and the original section of Miraleste in Rancho Palos Verdes. To this day, every property is subject to these recorded deed restrictions. The power to interpret and enforce certain of the restrictions resides with the Palos Verdes Homes Association and Art Jury created and established as provided in Declaration No. 1 to uphold, preserve and perpetuate the C, C, & R’s.

As a Homeowner, you should make yourself aware of the restrictions particular to your property such as Architectural Type, Zoning Class, Setbacks, Roof Type, Lot Coverage and Maximum Floor Area.

As you navigate our website, particularly the Applications & Documents section, you will find some very useful information, but we encourage you to come to our office where a knowledgable staff member can answer your questions.

A vendor has been selected for the project below.  A New and Improved Website is under construction. Completion is expected in  late 2021 or early 2022.  Please call the office for further assistance.

April 29, 2021
Request for Proposal (RFP)
PVHA or Palos Verdes Homes Association is a membership non-profit organization that serves the City of Palos Verdes Estates and the Miraleste district of the City of Rancho Palos Verdes in California.  The organization maintains and regulates the Deed Restrictions of properties within these jurisdictions.  The PVHA is comprised by a Board of Directors, the PVHA office and staff, and an architectural design review body called the Art Jury.
The PVHA website serves as the organization’s online presence to convey the history and general information about the communities it serves.  The website functions to communicate an awareness of the PVHA and gives an overview of our services to clients.  The primary online information and documents presented and available for downloads pertain to operations and functions of the PVHA and Art Jury.  The website functions as a resource for the architectural review process and project application for home improvements within PVHA jurisdictions.  Our website’s audience and client includes current and future homeowners and their agents, architects and designers, contractors and builders, city and other governing agencies, visitors and researchers. 
This website redesign RFP aims to accomplish a final product that is visually specific to PVHA and Art Jury and the organization.  We are looking for a vendor that can develop a fully functional, tested website that improves the look and functions of the current website, add capability to existing pages and create a streamlined functionality as outlined in the New Website Functionality and Contact, as outlined on page 3, the redesigned website shall establish a contracted webmaster as the single point-of-contact for posting any new content on the website and making any changes to the website.  This RFP anticipates that details may change subject to final agreed upon vendor recommendations and optimal solutions.  Vendors are welcome to make or suggest alternatives to the details in this RFP.
Solicitation Process:
Announcement of the solicitation will be made by posting this RFP on the PVHA’s current website at www.pvha.org, contact and post at the Lunada Bay HOA.  One set of questions can be submitted via email to PVHA prior to one week before the deadline for submission of proposals.  Once proposals are submitted, no changes can be made. Proposals should contain as a minimum a) A description of the work to be undertaken, b) A project schedule showing major activities and milestones, and c) Proposed total price as well as costs in accordance with the proposed work breakdown.
RFP Bid Opens: May 3, 2021 for a period of 30 days.
Bid Deadline: June 4, 2021
Submission Instruction:  Email proposal and include the following when submitting bids.
  • Vendor must include vendor name, contact address, email, phone, and website
  • Web design philosophy, project approach, and general web design and build process
  • Include timeline of hours and schedule from start to completion of website design project
  • References, including example of finished working websites
  • Website Maintenance – define scope and propose including post launch webmaster services
Selection of Final Bids for interview or meeting: (include posting date for bidders).  Bidders will be notified via email when their proposals are selected or not selected by June 14, 2021.
Contract Award: June 2021
Project Kick-Off: June 2021, includes a meeting with PVHA
Point of Contact for Q&A: Bids must be received via email on or before June 4, 2021.
Savery Nash, Manager / savery@pvha.org
Palos Verdes Homes Association
320 Palos Verdes Drive W
Palos Verdes Estates CA 90274                       
Scope of Work:
Website development and launch shall be completed by August 31, 2021
  1. Web Design – Front End (including graphics) and Back End (functionality/ programming)
  2. Basic Creative design service
    1. Option: additional creative design service may be proposed – This additional service may be determined once a Site Map and Mock-up has been approved by PVHA
  3. Planned and developed Site Map – structure / format
    1. Provide a Site Map that shows connections between web pages, web page trees, and website content. Bidder may submit 3 examples
  4. New Site Mock-up – Include a wireframe mock-up with draft of each web pages
  5. Content Management System – updates to content on a monthly and on-call basis:
    1. Posting new content to the website as well as reformatting content so it has a consistent look with respect to the entire site
    2. Making upgrades to the website so searches and uploads can be performed more quickly
    3. Option: provide option for a non-CMS hard-coded website for optimal load times and customization, and future updates
  6. Site Migration – propose the most efficient and if changing hosting, https, etc. including timeline for abandoning the old website and when full migration is scheduled to be complete.
Meetings and development milestones:  Meetings to check and approve progress of web design and acheivement of milestones.  Meetings to occur every two weeks in-person or hybrid in-person and online meeting (possible participation/presentation(s) in Wednesday Board Meetings) must be included in the proposal.  A pre-launch meeting will be required.  Two (2) meetings for pre-launch and post launch shall be anticipated as part of the scope.
Provide PVHA quality assurance and warranty for a thoroughly tested website.  Include special functionalities that will improve navigation.
Terms and Conditions
PVHA will own the final website including the code and creative content and functions.
Contract and Payment Terms:
Type of Contract: Firm Fixed Price
Period of Performance: Webmaster Contract will be for a period of one year starting September 2021.   Contract will be subject to annual renewal upon mutual consent.
Payment Terms: Monthly payments will be made at the end of each completed milestone. 
A final version of this Request for Proposal serves as the binding contract once signed by both parties.
New Website Functionality and Content
PVHA will provide content materials including photos, graphics, and narrative.
Website Requirements:
Website must be easy to navigate and the pages must be quick to open.  It should provide basic, pertinent information,  No “Contact us” button.
  • User friendly
  • Simple Menu
  • Search Tab
  • Non-scrolling home page
  • Address, phone number, email on header
  • Alphabetized menu tabs – open pages, no drop-down menus
  • Scrolling, looping news text (ticker) – hours, meetings and schedule, holiday closures,
  • Visually specific to PVHA/Art Jury
  • Logo and colors PVHA Brand Book to be provided.
Content Pages (or Tabs)
  • Applications and documents – fillable pdfs with wrapping text; downloadable documents
  • Architectural Types – descriptions with button to open photo pages
  • Art Jury – History, procedures
  • Calendar – accessible by manager
  • CC&Rs
  • City Interface
  • Faces of PVHA – with contact information of each individual
  • FAQs
  • History
  • Landscaping history, procedures
  • Member Section, password protected, agendas, financial statements, minutes, etc.
  • Olmsted history
  • Future capability to pay fees online with SSL or similar security
Other website improvements:
  • Improved ranking for new website to be on top of logical search result/ basic SEO
  • Contact Forms should have non-bot verification
  • Admin pages for PVHA to make own updates instead of developer for basic day to day changes such as application and handout form changes
  • Google reCAPTCHA that does a good job of filtering spam for website forms
  • Responsive design – mobile first
Christine McNamara
PVHA Board President                                                                                                                                  

BOARD of DIRECTOR’S VACANCY   –   Send Resumes and Letters of Intent to pvha@pvha.org  –   Deadline June 15, 20212