Applications, Forms, and Information

 Applications, General Forms, and Information sheets

• A Notice to Prospective Home Buyers:
Download Document

• Accessory Building:  Information on accessory building or structure. Download Document

• Addition Application:  Application for additions to existing structures. Download Form

• Amendment Guidelines:  For requests to amend the deed restrictions of record. Download Document

• Architect’s Kit :  Information on PVHA project submittal Procedures and Goals.  Download Document

• City of PVE Lot Coverage Form:  Lot coverage information and calculation sheet. Download Form

• Community Project Support Request:  Download Form

• Completion and Compliance Report:  Request for compliance inspection and report. Download Form

• Declaration of One Building Site:  Download Form

• Door and Window Application:  Download Form

• Exterior Colors:  Application for exterior changes (materials, color, and finishes).  Download Form

• Fees:  Schedule of PVHA and Art Jury Fees as of 3/2018.  Download Document

• Fencing Application:  Application for new fences on property. Download Form

• Grant of Easement:  Request for Grant of Easement. Download Form

• Landscape Submittal Checklist:  Download Checklist

• Landscape Application:  Hardscape and Planting application form.  Download Form

• Lot Coverage Area Breakdown:  Download Document

Miscellaneous Application:  Application for other modifications.  Download Form

• New Residence/Commercial Application: New homes or commercial structures. Download Form

• Plan Release:  Property owner authorization form for duplication of blueprints on file.  Download Form

• Pool / Spa / Water Feature  Application: Application for new swimming pool addition.  Download Form

• Real Estate Sign Informational Brochure:  Download Brochure

• Roofing Application:  Application for new structures and roofing modifications. Download Form

         • Scholarship Application:  Download Document

• Setback and Area Requirements:  Download Document

• Setback Change:  Request to change setback of property.  Download Form

• Signage Application:  Application for signs on residential buildings and businesses.  Download Form

• Site Survey Checklist:  List of information required on all surveys submitted to PVHA.  Download Document

• Solar Application:  Application for new or modified solar devices.  Download Form

• Sports Court Application:  Application for new sports court.  Download Form

• Tree Removal:  Application for removal of existing tree.  Download Form

• Tree and Shrub View Restoration / Arbitration: Information and application for view disputes.  Download Form

• Utility Application:  Application for new or modified (transformer, generator, poles/antenna).  Download Form